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About Deviant Member life's an adventure! what's it to ya' if you get a few scars on the way?Female/United States Recent Activity
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life's an adventure! what's it to ya' if you get a few scars on the way?
United States

vera dieter | 15 years | derse dreamer | ghastlyGorgon | thief of space
. : land of charnels and frogs : .

| aries |
| cool gal |
| crossbowkind |

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problem for the day
Name: Vera Dieter
Planet of Origin: Earth
Strife Specibus: Crossbowkind
Sylladex/Fetch Modus: Puzzle
Hobbies: Dancing, fist fighting, and small adventures.
Aspirations: To become like those she admires, and perhaps grow up and have a family.
Likes: Music, soda-pop, 50-60's idols, femme fatal characters, and fun.
Dislikes: Wet-blankets, cigarette smoke, and worry warts.
Personality: Happy go-lucky, and tries to see the bright of most things. A bit clueless, and head strong, but cares deeply for those she loves.
Dreamer Type: Derse
God-Tier: Thief of Space
Typing Style: punctuates, but doesn't capitalize anything, except for emphasized words. bracket smiles and frowns for emoticons. :] is prone to shortening words, but always puts a' apostrophe when that happens!
Chumhandle: ghastlyGorgon [GG]
Land Name: Land of Charnels and Frogs [LOCAF]
Betaverse Counterpart: Sis Dieter [Ness and Elba's biological mother]

Other Stuff:

- She can practically down an eight ounce can of pop in ten seconds flat.
- Vera has a fascination with Greek monsters, and giant mythological phenomena in general.
- She can't handle cigarettes well because she has an acute case of Asthma.
- Fond of animals.
- More laterrrr

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BM: i-im stan i noticed youve b-been
BM: chatting with Briann so i thought y-you might
BM: be nice...
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blushingMonster Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013

BM: hi vera!
BM: how are ya doin dudette?
BM: >B)
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